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Mini progress

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  • Final exam for computability in < 3 hours. One exam remains, next Tuesday, which is the really hard one.
  • Glow: I added some new textures and performance-tweaking options. It should run much better on different classes of machines now (other than my Powerbook).
  • Glow: MapChange entity coming quite soon. I was recently enlightened by playing with the Deus Ex mod tools: There is a whole world of scriptability that I have missed by being a procedural retard rather than an object-oriented limp wrist. [grin]
  • Glow: Guns now respond to reload-time properly so you can't burp out rounds as fast as your screen can update.
  • Glow: I'm also working on the Pause screen. In a throwback to Alien Breed, your Pause Screen (and Shop Screen) UI is made by Intex Corp.
  • Glow: Works on Intel Macs, and quite quickly too. Glee!
  • Glow: Other entities draw properly! I have a couple NPCs milling randomly about, but will add zombie NPCs pretty soon. Arguing with myself about how to do the alliance system so your friendly psychopath robot buddy can follow you around.

I'm really, really hoping I can get these exams out of the way in a clean and calm manner, and then get back to Glowing it up.
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