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Random Napalm Fish Deliniation.

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Had a phone screen this morning [finally] and did not do terribly well. Probably for the best too, they wanted someone to be the sole AD and Exchange admin for a 600 person org. That's just asking for trouble.

I've another inperson interview tomarrow with a place that seems cool, and a position that seems perhaps a better fit. We'll see.

I was fiddling around with fonts today and discovered [yet another] parsing bug in the cmdset code. You'd think that "extract words, unless between quotes" would be something easily regex'd out... Apparently I just suck.

Anyways, I got fed up with fixing it time and again, and stopped with the 'single mammoth regex' approach. The code now returns for simple cases, and in the quoted string case, it iterates through the string popping off tokens. Probably a bit slower, but fast don't count if it don't work...

I can always go back and do it properly later [when I ideally suck less]. For now I need working code to build upon.

Speaking of fonts, I started looking after playing the HoMM5 demo. It uses some nice fantasy fonts, which add a bit to the UI. Most of the ones I found were not good computer fonts. The stylization of them just turned to illegible muck at lower fontsize, and they were limited to the latin alphabet and sometimes not even punctuation or numbering...

Enough rambling! Back to rambling! HoMM5 looks pretty decent. It still seems to be a little tedious at times, a little hard at times, and a cakewalk at others. The new 3D map is... terrible imo. It's pretty, but hard to see stuff, hard to manuver in... a good example of 3D for 3D's sake hurting the Human Interface. The City view, and strategic combat on the other hand gain quite a bit from the move to 3D. Don't get me wrong, the City UI is still awkward, and combat is still frustratingly designed at times [what do you mean my 80 archers can't fire because they have 1 imp next to them?!?]. But both are very entertaining and very pretty. Since the game still involves quite a bit of queuing up units, I might as well look at beautiful stuff while I do it.

Picked up a bunch of CDs and the 2nd in the new Dragonlance trilogy Amber and Iron. Don't care for the name, but the book was fine. Akin to the first [which I discussed earlier], but perhaps a bit more predicatable and a bit less good in the character development. People tended to be far more set to a stereotype than actual people. And I'm not sure how Krynn got along with Gods as gullable and stupid as those in the 2nd book. The first book they were fallable, and crafty. The second they just became squabling morons. I am also beginning to fear that Weis just took what the ending of the first Mina trilogy should've been and stretched it into 3 more books... we'll see.

Amongst the CDs was some Blackmore's Night. It's erm, ale and wenching music for all purposes. Hopefully it'll help me get into game writing mood before driving my wife into a homicidal frenzy. I don't give myself good odds.
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