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I'm planning on beginning Level 5 programming Friday. Until then, I'm just coming up with ideas.

If you happen to have any good trap ideas, please leave a comment. You know...because I'm having some trouble coming up with anything.

Some of the traps should be programmed by the end of this weekend.
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Here are some random ideas, hopefully not too many of them are repeats of previous suggestions:

Motion detectors
Security cameras/floodlights
Moving security beams
Retinal scanners (steal an enemy's body?)
Thwomps (spinoff)
Patrol bots (scouts)
Alternating on/off laser beams
Rising platform - (If you step on it, it races toward to ceiling, smushing you when you get stuck between it and the ceiling)
Electrocuting tiles

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Thanks for the ideas! Believe me it helps, I want to have some pretty tricky traps in this.

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