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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update
Finished the interface for the sheet editor today. Me and Raymond both agree that it looks pretty good, but I still have to have him test it out (make sure I added everything.) All in all, it doesn't look too bad. Now its time for the hard part though, exporting. Upon exporting, we're going to have to loop through and trim each file (which I have no clue how to do, but Raymond does), save the anchor point and any other information for each frame into a .sheet file.

Edit: Oops, forgot to post the screenshot, how dare I!

This is probably going to be the last Project2 screenshot that I put up, just to make sure that I don't accidentally give something away [wink].

Dragonfire Games Update
Still working on the design document. Problem is I can't add things to the design document because I don't have any clue how to do them. So, first I'm going to learn a lot of things:
    Learning List
  • Loading 3D models
  • Animating 3D models
  • Attaching different models together
  • Scene management
  • Cameras
  • Collision detection
  • LOD algorithms
  • Skyboxes

I'll have to add to the list because I don't know about most of the 3D stuff. Plus, I don't know what stuff requires what (like I attaching models together.) This list will be moved to the top of the journal, so hopefully I can show some progress on it =/.
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Nooo! Must... Have... uber... Screenshots!

Just show them to Raymond before you post them. No harm done if the boss clears you.

Sheet Editor looks frickin awsome. Great Job!

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Thanks! Its almost done, just have to finish up the trimming and then saving the info and its finished. I should probably be able to finish it by tomorrow night.

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