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Amazing progress.

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I finished my final (kind of hard [crying]) and then came home and worked on Glow. You can now make a definitions file that instantiates NPCs from a unique-definition file.

For example, you can create a new type of NPC, let's say HamSandwichVendor, and make a file named HamSandwichVendor in data/npcs/, which explains his default health, alliances and stats.

Then go, in your level definition file:
data/npcs/HamSandwichVendor 100 100

To spawn him at 10.0, 10.0. And it even works from the console. [grin] Properly designed code is the booyah. I also added in a hack to take additional arguments, should you need to create a very special type of NPC that processes some additional arguments.
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