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I think I had some bad fish for dinner. And I don't even get the barf post icon. I guess this slug will have to do.

Anyway, just as I was wondering if my day could get any worse, the fire alarm in my dormitory went off. HOOORAY.

Someone on the first floor decided that they were just too good to go outside for the fire alarm like the rest of us schmucks, and he just happened to leave his blinds open for all to see. So a cop comes. Bangs on his window a couple times. The kid promptly flicks him off.

He runs out of the door a few seconds later all: "OMIGOD I'M SOO SORRY I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS YOU I THOUGHT IT WAS MY ROOMATE"


Cop takes him inside. As soon as the door shuts all of us standing around outside burst out laughing.

I don't know if that makes up for the fire alarm going off every other day and wasting my time, but it was damn funny.
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