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I finally managed to find some time to spend on Tank Project. I have to say, I love working on it. But I'm so busy lately with a bajillion things to do I don't have nearly as much time to work on it as I'd like :(

Anyway, screenie!

This is the half-finished Map Editor window, which is the parent window of the tile sheet editor, which is the parent of the tile editor. You click "New Sheet" and the editor pops up, and now the "Add Sheet" button on the tile sheet editor is functional.

Also note that I increased the resolution from 640x480 to 800x600, because I needed more room to cram stuff in. I might end up making the Map Editor take up more of the screen too, but we'll see.

When you add a sheet it gets added to the list to the right of the buttons. This list scrolls with a right-button drag, like all of the other containers. Clicking on one of the entries in this textual list highlights it, and displays its tile contents in the container to the right of it (the exact same container I made to hold tiles in the tilesheet editor - yay code reuse!)

I just have to jot in the listener code for the Edit/Delete Sheet buttons, and add in the listener code for when the map area (essentially everything else on the window) gets clicked or right dragged.

To provide reasoning for why I like working on it - just look at the code behind the MapEditor class -

<-- source snipped to preserve formatting -->

Its bloody easy as hell to create really nice looking controls when its all already done for you :D

Then whoo! We'll have a fully-functional map-making system. Next up in the list is the tank-building editor! :D
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Thats damn cool, much better than my tools[grin]

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with our scripting conversation, I'll send you a reply soon.

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On a completely unrelated side note -


Fuck vectors, I'm going to use a list. Who the hell cares about performance.

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This is all done using your GUI code presented earlier? I'm impressed. Once again, makes me want to revisit my gui code.

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Thanks :)

I still haven't figured out exactly why the thing is breaking - I know it has something to do with deleting a tilesheet (which clears a vector, or something :X), then adding tiles into a new one and then it attempting to resize and them BAM!

I don't think its an iterator being invalidated, but a pointer-to-vector. Which is weeeird. So I think I'm just going to take out the Delete/Edit Tilesheet functionality for now and see what happens.

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