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Sorry about the lack of updates

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Trapper Zoid


It has come to my attention that I haven't been updating this journal regularly enough. Admittedly I haven't got an awful lot of exciting progress to put in this journal lately, most recently because I've been visiting Melbourne for the last week, but I probably should be posting every week like I originally planned to in order to shame me into actually getting more game development done.

Of course, a problem with this is I might have to break this weekly posting plan almost immediately, because I'm heading off in a fortnight to Europe for nearly two months for a combination of a conference, a lab visit and a little bit of sight-seeing inbetween, so I doubt I'll get a lot of game development done.

I might post a brief log of what I'm up to, and maybe a few pictures, although I do want to keep this journal more focused on the game dev sides of things rather than make it a general purpose blog. Heck, since I probably will get some game dev done in the last part of the trip, given I'll be bringing a borrowed laptop with compiler for study purposes for my month-long lab visit, maybe I can make it relevant.

Since I should be posting my development progress: before I headed off back home for an Easter break I tried the whole "work for an hour before heading off to the office" routine. It was working okay for a first week, but I had a bit of trouble focusing due to being still half-asleep and still worrying about booking flight and accommodation details for this trip.

I've sketched up a brief overview of what I think the software architecture for my game engine should look like, but I'm still unhappy with it. The problem is there's still too many holes as to how the whole thing fits together. I suspect this is due to me being so rusty with software engineering and not really concentrating on my work.

So in the remaining two weeks before I jet off again, I'll aim to really flesh out this architectural design using a better engineering approach. First I'll write a complete list of requirements (what I want the engine to do), then figure out a general module structre (probably similar to what I have already on paper), then plan the module interfaces. Once I've done that, I'll probably feel more confident when it gets to the implementation.

If I can get it to that stage, and get the development utilities all set up on the laptop, I might be able to get some programming done in Europe while I'm too touristed out to go out and see things.

Incidently for those of you who live in or have visited Europe, any recommendations of what to see while I'm over there? I'll be visiting Austria (Vienna and Graz), various places in the U.K. (mainly London and Edinburgh), and Stockholm (for quite a while for the lab visit, although I'll be doing Ph.D. work/study for a fair bit of that).
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In London there's the palace, parliment and the British museum (it's free too yay!) When I went back to England at Christmas I used google earth to find the location's of everything I wanted to check out.

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Buckingham Palace and the British Museum are definites: have to visit those. I'm not too sure about the Parliment though. Given the Australian parliment is based on it I'm sure the British one is very similar - like a very ornate kindergarten.

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