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I quit...

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I can't decide what I want to do as my side project. 3D just doesn't seem worth it to me, since there are only 3 3D games on my list of top 20:

Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate 2 + Expansion
Icewind Dale
Stompy's Revenge
Monkey Island 1
Monkey Island 2
Monkey Island 3
The Dig
Full Throttle
The Apprentice
The Apprentice 2
Heroes of Might and Magic 3
Heroes of Might and Magic 4
Star Wars: KotOR <- 3D
Star Wars: KotOR 2 <- 3D
Final Fantasy <- 3D in 2D mostly, 3D world map and combat)

So, scratch learning anymore 3D crap for now. I've decided that I'm going to write my 2D rpg still. I've written the specs for the engine, and I've jotted down all of the notes I need. Depending on what Raymond has me doing this weekend (since I should have the sheet editor done tomorrow seeming how all that is left is the .sheet file), I should have the entire engine side (minus the GUI) done by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

I have all of the code in front of me, including my variable width bitmap font engine, terrain system, animation code, logging, resource management, Ogg loading, event based input handing (using DirectInput), and hardware enumeration. So its just a matter of retyping everything, adding logging, and then its onto the long awaited GUI.

Once I've finished with the engine (by engine I mean my graphics, audio, input, scripting, logging, GUI, etc) I'll set a deadline, but this time its going to be more reasonable. 3 months? Hah, maybe in my dreams. The deadline will likely be a year to a year and a half. So, expect it at the same time or just shortly after Project2 (probably shortly after, so that Project2 doesn't totally overshadow me.) I'm not the only one working on this now (my brother is now setting aside time to work on it, instead of saying he was going to), so that should keep me pretty motivated to stay on track and stick with the project.

For now though, I've stayed up late enough working on the engine class layout, time for me to go to bed.

Edit: So, from now on expect the format that I've been using:
Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Dragonfire Games Update

I'm going to try to make enough progress so that I can post a screenshot for each at least 2-3 times a week.

Edit 2:
I forgot to mention that I came up with a new slogan for Dragonfire Games. Before it was "Why play games when you can make 'em?" Which I never did like. Now its a little longer:

class GameCompanies { TeamArray Them; };
class dfGames { Team Us; };

We're in a whole other class.


We're in a class of our own.

Yea, its kind of lame and requires that you know some sort of object oriented language, but I still like it better than the old one.

Edit 3: Actually, I think I'm going to go with this

class dfGames{}; // We're in a class of our own.

What do you guys think?
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