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Yay, books

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Evil Steve


Whee, my books arrived. I ordered Game Scripting Mastery amd Game Programming Games 6. As a little experiment, I got GSM by "First class postage" and GPG6 by "Free super saver postage". They both arrived on the same day, the free postage came in the early afternoon, the first class post was in the morning. Wow, well worth GBP2 :P
Also, the first class one looked like it'd been in an accident, I think the book had fallen out, and someone had stuffed it back in. All the junk mail in the packaging and the invoice was screwed up at the end, and the book looks a bit scuffed. Oh well, I don't care particularly much. I just won't bother with the first class postage again.

In other news, CodeWarrior is pretty similar to Visual Studio - Particularly the debugger. Which is nice. Now, back to my 4 FPS emulator >_<
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They're up to GPG6 already [oh] I think I stopped at #3 or #4...

I paid an extra £5 for Amazon.co.uk to "express deliver" a textbook to me a couple of months ago. Took 3 days I think, Super-saver was apparently 14-21 days.

Were both your books despatched on the same day? Otherwise it's not really a fair race [grin]


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Yup, both were dispatched on the same day (15th April)

Also, I just had a though about your comment in my Journal yesterday - the reference rasterizer might go at under 4 fps, but it's probably not rendering at 256x192 (x2) :P

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