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Can I get a bump?

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Man, the GDNet+ n00bs are out in force. Time was I didn't have to scroll down to see my journal. [smile]

Fun over the last two days; firstly, I got a good start on the model for the first boss. Secondly, I implemented the ever-important vanishing tiles. Old-school Megaman fans know these things. You know, the blocks that disappear and reappear? Well, the tilemap engine supports those now. Well, it always supported them (via animations) but now they're literally in there. I need to come up with some devious patterns to navigate. Mua ha ha ha.

I'm told some people hate those things. Well, they'll mostly be confined to sections of Level 7, with a few small patches in levels 8 and 9. So, that's not too bad. Now, when I mix them in with conveyor belts, moving platforms, enemies to bounce off of, sliding walls, and doors & switches ... then you can hate me. [grin]
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Part of me thinks the fact that you would even consider such evil things means I should hate you already.

On the other hand, part of me thinks the fact that you're working on such an old school style project is a wonderful thing.

These are not mutually exclusive feelings. :)

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Oh yes. Old school. I've been drawing from old NES-era Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, and Castlevania for inspiration. [smile]

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I agree with SiCrane. On all points. Damn you and your disappearing tiles. ;)

Keep up the work, 23yrold3yrold. This is a game I'm looking forward to seeing more of.

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I enjoy reading your progress. And it's certainly come a long way since I saw the first demo.

How much more do you have to do? Do you have an idea how long it will be before it is done? :)

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See the next newest post for details on that, RP. [cool]

I'm glad this project is catching a little attention; thanks for the comments, all.

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