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More things that go "Boom!"..

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I got my second acceptance today; this one from the University of Toronto. My last one -- which I think I didn't mention here -- was from the Uni of Windsor. Since Windsor was really my 'backup' option, I'm glad that U of T wants me in. Now I just need to hope that the University of Waterloo accepts me too, for a few more ego points. :P

Mines & Claymores

Oh yes, mines and claymores have been implemented. And man do they make for some devious traps. [grin]

Let me illustrate the deviousness of claymores with the following screenshots:

Much fun. Especially when I did that the first time without telling my testers I had added claymores. ^_^

Mines work similarly, but trigger only when they are stepped on. For both mines and claymores, the more you charge them, the more hidden they become. So a trap that the person takes their time on will be hard to spot, and a hastily thrown together one will likely be evaded.

Oh, and the addition of the Nail Bomb. :P

(50 nails at 8 dmg each can be pretty troublesome. [sad])
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I guess I'd better be on MSN more often, huh? [wink]

And congrats on your acceptance!

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Windsor is a fine university: It's where my mother got her CS degree from. The key is to exploit the opportunities that a smaller university offers you.

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That is totally cool! The graphics look perfect as well!

So do you have to rig up trip wires for the claymores or is it a get too close to it and it triggers type weapon or a remote control weapon?

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I had tons of fun planting a mine out in the open and when people tried to avoid it they got hit by two claymores. Great job Hope tons of fun. I'll certainly be on msn tonight.

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@Metorical: They trigger when you enter a 128-pixel proximity within a 60-degree radius of the direction the claymore is aimed at.

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I don't think I can say this enough: This game looks so frickin awesome.

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