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presenting at SE conference

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One of my old profs is running a software engineering conference at my old university. She has asked me to give a brief presentation. I will be speaking on "the roll of testing in self-guided research."

I will be relating my experiences from my senior research project "Optical Illusions in Computer Graphics." I've identified three different types of testing that I utilized over the course of the project:

  1. Unit Testing:
  2. in support of the Test Driven Development design paradigm that I used for the project
  3. User Acceptance Testing:
  4. in the form of a survey ran here on Gamedev. The survey was used to determine the effectiveness of the optical illusion techniques.
  5. Performance Profiling:
  6. in support of the justification of the project -- that it would provide data complexity similar to more complex, traditional techniques, at a "cost" equivalent to simpler, less data-complex techniques.
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Sounds fun. I remember you having some pretty cool results back when; I especially remember liking the wave effect :)

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Sounds quite similar to my companies development/test cycle.

1. Analysis
Trying to understand the requirements

2. Development
Putting together something to meet the requirements and seeing that it works as expected.

3. UAT
Putting the changes on the UAT system for the users to play with and inevitable find that their requirements are different.

Steps 2 and 3 are recursive and we often have Development and UAT going on at the same time (as we're making lots of different changes at once)

4. Go-Live
The big jump to putting the code on the live servers. We have to support the go-live for 48 hours usually and sometimes last minute fixes have to go in although this is strictly controlled.

We are in quite a unique situation though as we develop from the application level (big 'boxed' products) to customisation level.

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