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The Galaxy Update

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Tons of fixes and improvements since my last update.

Some of the major ones :

- Weapons are now properly attached and oriented to entity hands.

- The main char's gaze & arms go up and down in response to aiming up & down

- the camera now follows the up & down aim as well

- a cool fluid creature, using the ageia PhysX hardware, that clings to walls & floors, and attacks the player, spraying fluid blood when hit

- improved camera that doesn't get stuck or shake in tight corners

- enemies now run from player if they are hurt too much

- enemies fire at player while running away

- bullets & the laser sight now come from the end of the gun

- footstep sounds added back, per-material sounds for soil, marble, metal, etc.

- sloshing sound through water, while muting footstep sounds

- lock sound & delay when doors are unlocked

- health & ammo bars added back in with better art

- body thump sound after death

- keep camera still after player death
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Recommended Comments

Looking really good now [grin]

Can we get a rolling-demo/video to look at sometime? I wanna see these effects in action!


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You're using the PhysX hardware? Do you have a dev-kit or something? What does it look like if you have a computer without one of these magical cards?

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I'm moderating the Image of the Day for the time being, and I think it'd look great if you submitted some screenshots, particularly of the fluid creature. [grin]

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