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Holy crap, updates!

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Evil Steve


3 updates in one day... Excess. Well, I finally got my ass in gear, and added another article to my website: Setting up Direct3D 9. Let me know if there's any typos, ommissions, bad practice, blatent lies, etc [smile]

If you're lucky, I'll add another one tomorrow about actually drawing stuff [smile]
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Nice article man! Better than most of the ones that I have ever seen, but you're late -_-. j/k, keep up the good work!

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Thanks [smile] I'll probably add another one tonight when I get home from work, just covering the basics of transforms and using DrawPrimitive. After that I'll go on to texturing, then index buffers, then meshes perhaps. All in different articles, however...

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Good work! I only scanned through it, but looked good to me. I'll have to remember to add your tutorials to the DX-FAQ when I (eventually) get around to tidying it up [grin]

A few comments:

1. Unless I missed it, you don't cover #define D3D_DEBUG_INFO as a debugging aid. Always a useful (albeit dangerous) one...

2. The brief bit about linking to d3d9.lib at the end could be expanded a little (or maybe pulled up to the start). Linker errors are another great source of forum threads!

3. Minor thing, but the way the text finishes directly above the code blocks messed with my eyes a bit. Strikes me as bit more eye-friendly if there were a blank line between the text and the code (like there is at the bottom).

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for the comments [smile]
I'll get those points fixed during my lunch break in a little over an hour. Hooray for VNCing to my server [grin]

I really need to get more content onto my site in general, it's a little sparese, particularly in the articles region...

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