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Begin...actually programming

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I've decided to break Level 5 up into different rooms. Each time you walk into a room, you have to complete a certain task so that you can progress to the next one. I've already coded the room doors, and I'll show a screenshot of it tomorrow.

I've decided to end the game with 6 levels total, therefore in this level you'll fight the first form of the final boss. Can you guess who the boss is?
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Stompy (doppleganger) ?

You could have an aspect of the boss in each one of the rooms and by getting through the traps in each room you actually end up creating the boss?

Also this might sound crazy but how about a room where all your keys are reversed so left = right and right = left just to make it tricky to dodge the traps!

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Stompy (doppleganger) ?

Pretty much.

It's actually Evil Stompy from a parallel universe. He has two forms, and the first one you'll fight in this level.

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