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One down...

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One second, I'm counting...
Carry the one...
A hell of a lot to go [grin].

If you haven't guessed, I got the sheet editor done and it got a thumbs up from Raymond. All in all, /me thinks it turned pretty well (especially since it was the first real editor tool I have made so far.)

So, my next task is going to be working on the audio system. This will be my first time using the engine, so I'm pretty excited [grin].

I'm really glad I got the chance to work with Raymond, he's helped me out tremendously. Not only will I have a game to put in my portfolio, but I learned C# (which I hadn't planned on doing), as well as learning a lot about how to use it to make a tool. So, I can add C# to my list of languages, Tool/Editor programmer to my skills, and (as long as I stay on the team) in a year I'll have at least one game in my portfolio (maybe even 2, if I get off my lazy ass and work on it.)

He also walked me through how to set up the terrain system that I'm going to be using in my game.

Until tomorrow, I'm free to work on dftEngine, so expect another update before the end of the night (actually, the morning, but whatever.)
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