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Swedish Fishmongers

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Interview today went well, I think. The interview was a bit different as they were testing more that I would fit into their culture than anything else.

I rather wish more peoples' journal posts would post code rather than screenshots. It's more interesting to see new approaches for problems or how people vastly more skilled implemented something...
I suppose most of the interesting things are a bit larger than is feasible to read through, and most of the code isn't free to give away.

I don't know, I'm tired of being demotivated most days by work and by too much [game] design indecision. Those days that I'm not actually dead tired that is. In the coming week I'd like to get the Tile code mostly sketched out. Resources, terrain types, perhaps the mapgen infrastructure.

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I'd post code more often, but its usually so attrocious that you can't understand it. Anything particular you're interested in seeing?

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Nothing in particular. And the code itself isn't so important, but more of like a little summary: "I went and fixed this problem, or made this thing, and here's how I approached it... ... ... If you're really interested, here's some code: [-code-]"

It's interesting to read what people do, and shiny screenshots are nice, but it's not particularly useful or informative. I know I'm not the only one that doesn't exactly hang out with gamedev's every day, and doesn't get to see many other people's code or listen to them ponder ideas. The forums don't exactly show many working snippets either.

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I agree, I like seeing the solution rather than the results. While I'm working on my project I'll see what I can do about posting more solutions [grin].

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