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A lot of Progress Made, A lot learned!!

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STATUS UPDATE: Calix Map Development Tool [ Deadline: 5/3 ]

Simply an amazing day as far as progress goes. I completed a tremendous amount of the hardcore features for the editor. Overall, I'm very happy.

Today I implemented:
[Tile Selector]
---- Loads 256x256 *.bmp
---- Sets 64 clickable Tiles
---- Hide/Show Tile Numbers
---- Design, How YOU want to design. Dock/Undock/Hide/Show your selector!
[Editor Windows]
---- Create a 16x16(256 tiles) sized map for your tiny adventures!
---- Create a 32x32(1024 tiles) sized map for those dungeons!
---- Create a 64x64(4096 tiles) sized map for quite an adventure!
---- Place Tiles down from the Selector
---- Name Your Map!
---- Hide/Show Grid (Sort of. I still like the idea of spacing my tiles, so I know where specific tiles are, so I flip the grid to white)
---- Hide/Show Numbers (Their black in the Image, They'll change to white in the morning)

My idea for a custom *.map save feature that will allow any user to export the map that they create HOW THEY WANT . Like my origional belief, I am wanting to design this application, not just for my own purposes, but for anybody that could find use for it!

The save feature will allow you to format your *.map file how you wish before you actually save it. You can export your Map Name, The Map, Entity list(Players/Monsters), Links, etc. Hopefully, once I start showing it off, I can get some feedback on if I should add/delete anything that I put into the save feature. Likely, I wont delete anything. I'll just add.

Whats Left
[ ] World View
[ ] About/Help Screen
[ ] Load Map / Save Map
[ ] Optimization
[ ] Lay down Hot Spots (linking maps)
[ ] Right click Hot Spot, Load up linked map
[ ] Layers
[ ] ????

I'm doing Relay for Life tomorrow from 6pm to 6am, so likely I wont be getting a lot done, Unless for some wacky reason I decide to take my laptop. ;)

Take Care All. Incredibly Late Night tonight.
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Recommended Comments

---- Hide/Show Numbers (Their black in the Image, They'll change to white in the morning)

Now thats something I've never thought of, text that changes with the current time of day [wink]

Very nice looking editor. Has a decent set of features and it looks fairly straight forward.
Keep up the good work ^_^

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Haha! Now thats a thought... Maybe I should just set a random color generator, so every load is unique and spicy. :)

Thanks for the kind words fellow night crawler.


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