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Filling in the holes

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Mike Bossy


One of the least exciting dev tasks is finding all of the small functionality that you are missing and add it. This is the stage my current project has hit. I'm going through and figuring out what polish I need on the core functionality and adding it. This morning was adding the ability to mute all audio. Nothing flashy but still necesary.

All of these little "features" have a way of piling up to be hours and hours of work. They are also the things most likely to be forgotten. You can usually get by without them but it really is the polish that takes your game from looking "good" to looking "professional". I've done my best to keep a list of these features as I've been going along so I don't lose anything in the shuffle. Once again I borrow from Scrum and keep them all on their own product backlog. This is where I need a junior developer to boss around and get him/her to do all this. :)
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Next time you'll have to Help Wanted for someone to get some experience. [grin]

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