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Tenative Tile Terrain Trio!

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In previous iterations of MoE, I had a simple enum for tile types:
desert, tundra, forest, grassland, hill, mountain, etc...

This kinda sucked. It created a number of conditions in other code, which would then need to be edited if the tile type list changed [which I'd like to do eventually with expansions]. It also made forests far less common than they need to be, since wood source is a primary resource, rather than games like civilization or MoM that just give "production" from everywhere.

So for this iteration, I was considering splitting up the tile types into a terrain/elevation part, and a 'forest' part. While doodling on it today, I settled actually on three parts, since a number of parts are really independant, and I'd rather code around tile traits.

public enum TerrainType {
// Flatland - Flat or slightly rolling solid land.
// Wetland - Flat land partially or fully submerged, largely unsuitable
// for building.
// Hills - Highly rolling land, without sharp changes in elevation.
// Mountains - High elevation with sharp elevation changes and features.
// FreshwaterLake - A large inland body of water which is fresh.
// Shallows - Ocean nearby land with depths that support fish.
// Sea - Deep ocean.

public enum FaunaType {
// Desert - No fauna supported, either a sand desert [in heat] or an icy
// tundra.
// Grasses - Plain grasses, with a few spotty trees but not enough to even
// build minor structures.
// SparseForest - Minor patches of trees. Not enough to impede movement,
// but enough to hide in, and provide wood for a few
// structures.
// DenseForest - Major forest. Trees impede movement, farming, and expansive
// building. They do provide wood for large building projects.

public enum TemperatureRange {
// Polar - Area of Permafrost and/or perpetual snows.
// Cold - Shortened growing season, limited winter travel.
// Temperate - Cold winters, warm summers, full growing season.
// Warm - Mild winters, full growing season, no cold weather limitations.
// Tropic - warm winters, hot most of the year.

Tiles can then be combinations of these traits. Not a few will likely have identical effects [and textures], and I might just use this as traits for map generation and creation of a monolithic type enum; I'm not quite sure yet.

In other news, I got a callback on yesterday's interview already. The place and people seem very cool even if their finances and business are superficially suspect. The position itself would be a nice resume addition, so as long as the checks keep coming and their business practices don't drive me mad it seems nice. We'll see; these things are always a bit hit or miss until the offer letter shows.


Oh, and yay, NHL playoffs! Plus actual hockey playing for me tonight, usually a nice end to the week.
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