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Well crap.

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Since Im not dedicated enough to master C++ in my basement on my own for this game, Ive opted for GLBasic. The reason for this is that: 1) its easy to pick up on and start off right away, and 2) if I ever need the power of C++, it can be implemented inline to my program.

It didnt take me long, however, to see how hard this would be on my own. It took me 2 nights just to figure out how to get my sprite to move across the ground in the proper directions when I push WASD. I attempted to animate the sprite as well, but its proving to be difficult.

Even going this far was enough of a slap in the face to let me kick the pride thing and realize that I will probably have to beg for assistance from the GLBasic community, or even the might of the GDNet community. But, Ill do what I must. This game must succeed.
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I'm not exactly familiar with GLBasic, but I'm not bad at BASIC or OpenGL. [grin]

So give me a poke (via MSN or GD.NET PM) if you need a hand, OV. :)

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Thanks Hope!

Actually, after tinkering for a couple hours, I finally figured it out and was able to pull off the walking animation. The animation is a bit jumpy and slow to respond, but it WORKS! :D

Im sure I'll be asking for assistance soon enough though, haha. :P

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