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Open letter to Oluseyi

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I've seen that Oluseyi has been doing some speculations in his blog about User Interface and usability and I want to get his opinion on what he thinks about my layout for an app I'm developing.

Here it goes.


I've seen from your blog that you're doing some UI usability pondering. I like usability, and it's exactly what I'm dealing with right now and I'd like to get an opinion from you on a sketch for an application that I've made.

What you're seeing here is the application I've developing outlined in a recent post of mine.

I'd like to get some opinions from you on how "usable" it is. You can get the Photoshop file if you want to make some changes (witch would be very appreciated) to illustrate what needs to be changed.

The pages on the notepad (a.k.a. tabby control) will have controls such as other buttons, multi-item selector menus, and some images of the Claw device.

I thought about having something like a tree control on the side and switch pages like that, like WinAmp does, but then most of that would be blank. On the plus side I can have sub-pages for every doctor profile.

Any thought on this?

Any thaughts yourself?
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How fortunate that I compulsively read everyone's journal! What if I'd never browsed the Developer Journals listing? I have an email address you know... [smile]

Gentle chiding aside, without knowing what exactly will be on the individual tabs, it's hard to say whether the layout is appropriate. That said, it's a pretty good start. It's clean and intuitively suggests major groupings of functionality via the tabs. So long as what appears on each of the tabs themselves is also logically organized and well laid out, you're golden.

I'm assuming there's more info on the Photoshop image. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Photoshop right now (not for another week and change), so if you could put up a link to a JPEG... Once I get back to NY, I'll be happy to iterate the UI with you via Photoshop.

By the way, if you want to link to a specific post in your journal, use the "Link", uh, link at the bottom-right of that post.


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