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My World

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nothing void


So here's the idea for "My World":

It will be a strange place, not twisted by any force known as "magic", but home to anything the mind comes up with. Things do not have to have scientific/belief system justification, they might "just be"/be unexplained.

The world will be exotic and varied, in many ways like Earth - everything might be considered normal, but just ever so slightly "not quite right".

The story will be mysterious, amusing, deep, disturbing, intriguing. .. . but it will be more about the journey than the outcome.

The ultimate goal is to maintain a multiplayer game where the single player still feels like they are involved in something special.

A single player game will precede any multiplayer game made, due to limitations of knowledge etc. Even a single player RPG is beyond my scope at the moment.

Graphics are not too much of a consideration for me - story/gameplay is more important, but it will be a 3-Dimensional world, with an emphasis on detail rather than fancy lighting effects. (I don't know anything about graphics really, but it seems like it would be a decent claim to say that lighting effects and detail would both draw from the same resources and thus hold each other back)
Possibly go for washed out looking colours, but not sure about that. . I like my bright colours. . maybe very strange combinations of some things bright & full of life and some washed out. . that could be interesting. . hmm. . *needs consideration*

Time period. .I'm not sure. . but early 1900s sounds good.

So all up the single player description at this point in time could be:
"Worldwide conspiracy/intrigue set in a twisted/exotic version of Earth in the early 1900s"

I'm not sure what sort of technological era it will be set in, but I'm thinking perhaps the time where passenger aircraft were *just* coming into existence, but still quite a rarity/oddity. There is still myth and legend about the "unknown" areas of the world, speculation on the nature of outer space has begun, but nothing has ever been sent to space.

Sounds interesting to me, what do you all think? =)

(Note I'm not trying to be historically accurate here at all.. I wouldn't have a clue about the early 20th century really . .its just a rough guide for describing my world)
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I'm glad you've picked a time period between "medieval" and "World War II"!

Actually, I quite like "turn of the 20th century" as a fantasy time setting. I've seen it used in the RPG "Arcanum", although that was more of a traditional Tolkein-esque fantasy world (except blended with a Victorian era society).

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I did play arcanum! great idea but I wasn't too keen on the actual game. Especially when I got to the end and the very last "quest" was mucked up, telling me I had finished the game in a different way than I actually did

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