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I now have an obnoxiuosly large whiteboard. This thing is HUGE. I got the biggest one that I could fit in my car. I don't even know where to hang this thing. It rules.

I also finally gave in and bought a USB flash drive. I ended up getting a 1 GB since they were on sale (and I'm a poor college kid). Mostly, I needed one so I could carry around presentations and various data files from labs (since I don't have a laptop).
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I really need a whiteboard. What I normally do is have a billion pieces of scrap paper floating around on my desk to scribble on. Its really funny - sometimes I'll have to go through little piles of "notes" just to find one damn idea I jotted down, or a diagram for something I was working on.

I'll get one for next year, for sure :)

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I want a whiteboard. I also want a decent computer desk, and chair. I could also use a decent book shelf.

But first of all, I need a frakin' room with a door that isn't a "family room" to put them all in...

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I just upload shit to my website. All the machines on campus have SCP installed.

I want a whiteboard and a big calendar though.

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Here's a picture of my smallish whiteboard, and big pad of paper and notebook. I need a bigger one but can't really afford it right now...

Currently it's covered in random crap from my psp development stuff (which you can barely see to the left).


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