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Grab some cash!

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So now Glow detects when you are standing over an item and puts up a lovely icon for it. Delightful!

Pick shit up!

Last exam on Tuesday. Expect big shit.

Here's something Dave made:

It's got per-pixel lighting. It's oh so sexy.
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I really like that, as silly as that may seem. It's just one of those small gleams that make a game feel more professional. Another nice touch might be to apply a small glow (har, pun [smile]) to the item to indicate which item the game is indicating you're on. Something like that will be especially crucial if there's a lot of items dropped around the area.

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Well, it does show a little picture for what the item is. I guess if you have lots of the same item in a small area it could be nice.

But yeah. Spiffy.

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