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Sorry for the lack of updates. Today was pretty hellish. I come home to find out that my dog evidentally "viciously attacked" my 4 year old niece, when all she has is a scrape (no teeth marks, no rips in her clothes, only a small scrape that looks like it came from his claws.) They (her and her sister) were dancing around and the wind was going crazy, plus the fact that we were all running in and out of the house (trying to make sure everything was taken care of before it started raining) and he just gets antsy (part doberman and part jack russel terrier.)

And, IF he did attack her (which I'd bet my life that he didn't), IMHO she deserved it. Everytime she and her sisters come over (she's 4, the other two are 6 and 14) they tease my dogs, kick at them, and throw crap at them. I understand that nobody deserves to get mauled by a dog (well, some people do), but no dog derserves to that kind of treatment either. So, I'm just going to start jumping their shit when they're mean to my animals (I'm not going to have mean animals because my step brother and sister refuse to discipline their child with something other than [nice voice]you shouldn't do that :([/nice voice].)

Anyway, sorry for the ranting, but this has got me really pissed off.

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update
Well, I'm working on the script editor as well as the audio system (although, I haven't started on the audio system yet.) I was going to implement an intellisense style feature for entities and items, but it was decided that we didn't need it (it probably would have taken a few days at least to implement it.) I just finished implementing double click word selection (double clicking a word selects it) and group tabbing (select text and press tab inserts a tab at the beginning as well as after each newline.)

Dragonfire Games Update
Well, since I'm working on two S3 components right now, I put my dfg stuff on the back burner and turned it to low. I got my base widget class partially implemented and I've got a nice long list of classes and races that are going to be in the game.

Does anybody know where I can find out what is under the Dungeons and Dragon's copyright. The only things I'm worried about are elf, drow, dwarf, half elf, hobgoblin, ogre, and bard.

I'm going to tell you about my two favorite classes - the Scribe and the Human Scribe.

/* Scribe */
The Scribe isn't a spell caster per se. Scribes use charms and
symbols to cast magic. They normally adorn their clothing with
the symbols or carry them on sheets of paper. Most of these
symbols can be combined to create more powerful reactions.

(My favorite)

/* Human Scribe */
The Human Scribe is similar to a regular scribe, with one major
difference - they use their bodies instead of paper and clothing.
This makes them more powerful, and they can use the symbols
faster. There are two cons: the symbols are magically scribed to
the person's skin, so they're almost impossible to remove and you
eventually run out of room.

I've got something very special in store (graphics wise) for these characters.

Here is my list of classes so far:

  • Sword melee - Fighter, Paladin, Knight, Barbarian
  • Ranged - Archer, Ranger, Sharpshooter
  • Magic users - Assault Mage, Elementalist, Summoner, Necromancer, Scribe, Human Scribe, Druid, Cleric
  • Support - Bard, Spirit, Familiar

This list will become pretty extensive because it is going to include all of the classes that will be used throughout the game (player and computer alike.)

Once I get everything listed out, and all of my ideas written down, I'm going to start on the design document, and I'm going to finish it. I believe that having a totally completed design document available will really increase my productivity.

I'm just staying up all night probably, so we'll see what I get done (I'd like to get the script editor done as soon as possible, so that I can help on something else.)
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All nighters ARE the best. There is so much work to be done, who has time to sleep? I figure I'll get plenty of sleep when I die (isn't that from a movie or something?).

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Does anybody know where I can find out what is under the Dungeons and Dragon's copyright. The only things I'm worried about are elf, drow, dwarf, half elf, hobgoblin, ogre, and bard.

Elf, dwarf, hobgoblins, ogres and bards are all generic terms from folklore (or reality in the case of bards), so they should be fine. Half elves I think are from Tolkein originally, but since that's based on elves you should be fine using it (I've seen it in other fantasy).

"Drow" is the only one that I think is a potential Dungeons and Dragons trademark, but you can use "dark elf" instead (that's from folklore too).

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Thanks Trapper Zoid! I figured Drow would be a dungeons and dragons term, so I'll go with your suggestion and stick with dark elf.


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