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STATUS UPDATE: Calix Map Development Tool [ Deadline: 5/3 ]

So, Friday Night from 6PM to early Saturday Morning I was involved with The Relay for Life and hardly anything got done. A few features did, but today was a great day for productivity (once I woke up).

Good news though, Kansas State raised 45k for Cancer!

Implemented Since Last Update:
[Graphic Update]
---- Added a Graphic to nearly all of the windows to bring out a little more flare. The windows drastically needed something else for the user look at. I think everything came together rather well.
[Editor Windows]
---- Enter now sets the Map Name, so the lazy doesn't have to click "Set Name" every time they come up with a new name.
---- You can now CLEAR THE MAP!
---- Now you don't have to rely on reading small fonts! A Tooltip will now pop up when you are unsure of what tile you are looking at!
[About Window]
---- Finally Implemented with ways to get ahold of me in the case that you come under amnesia and forget where I'm at.
[Help Window]
---- Partially Developed, awaiting the write up for each topic
[Export Wizard]
---- Developed the GUI for what I think will be pretty user friendly

The Export Wizard will be fairly nice and simple to use. The user will be provided with a selection of output options to customize the *.map file. You can leave things off, add what you want, and I will be adding a "custom" element - where you can do EVERYTHING from within the application. (I may forget something you really want)

In the near future (tomorrow maybe?) I will deploy a right click system for the maps that will allow the user to:
---- Mark 'NPC' Tiles
---- Mark 'Map Link' Tiles
---- Ability to Directly Load the Map From 'Map Link'
---- Clear Individual Tiles
---- Fill Entire Map with Specific Tile
[Misc Bugs]
---- The Bugs have started to stand out and their being faced with my newly extablished quick reaction force. They will stand no chance. I hope... ;|

// The Modified mapping window and the new About window

// The map export wizard [not final, but you get the idea]

I will continue the work with the Map Export Wizard and begin the implementation for the Right Clicking System on the map.

... Where did dgreen02 go?!

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