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Another article

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Evil Steve


Rendering with Direct3D 9
Any feedback is welcome (Even "That's rubbish" :P). Please let me know if you notice any typos, errors, ommisions, etc.

In other news, I'm going to see HIM in Glasgow tonight. No idea when the last bus/train back is though, so we'll see how that pans out...
I'm not really too bothered about seeing them, they were supposed to be playing about 3 months ago, until one of them broke his arm, so they're playing tonight. I can't really be bothered going, but I paid for the ticket, so I suppose I might as well...
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So... what is so unique about it that wasn't covered in other articles before?

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Nice article. I bookmarked for future reference.

You may want to consider changing the first sentence of your second paragraph to this:

"First we have our vertex format; we'll cover that further on in the article. We derive our class from the CDevice base class to extend its functionality."

Minor errors, but you need a semicolon to separate those two sentences and there is no apostrophe on 'its' unless it means 'it is'. I always hated that rule. :)

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@jdaniel: Fixed, thanks

@Pouya: The previous article was just setting up a Direct3D base class, getting it ready to render. Not actually rendering anything. I probably should have built the two together, but peh.

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