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This subject is the bane of my existence. I could handle Statistics and Accounting with no problems. There is nothing creative that has to be done with those numbers. But Marketing... Sheesh.

First I have to search for heaps of information on market segments, growth etc, and consumer spending in particular areas. The only problem with this is that most of that information is owned by (you guessed it) marketing companies, and they are willing to give it to me for a meagre US$1300 (hardcopy) or US$3900 for PDF. How kind of them...

And of course now my assingment looks great with all these (assumed) tags in it because ther is no relevant data. Surely the universities should be providing mock data in these situations if they expect students to waste their time searching for non-existent data (or unrealistically priced data)
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Marketing was one of my least favourite subjects at Uni. The worst thing was, it all seemed very soft and subject to whim more than science.

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Which is exactly why it doesn't conform to my current abilities. I can manage anything that is logical in structure, but marketing is about trends and is mostly psychographic (to use a marketing term). Which is all bullshit when you are trying to teach it (or learn it).

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