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Oxford Computer and Video Game Society

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I've decided that my interests are under-represented here at Oxford Uni, and so to rectify this I'm setting up a Computer and Video Game Society for the university.

The Society's going to cover pretty much anything game-related, both non-development (trading, reviewing, LAN parties, clans, etc) development (assistance, teambuilding, liasing with industry, etc) and the stuff in between, like study (nature of fun, videogame violence, etc). I think there's a lot that a society can do to support gamers and game developers.

If I get the society formally registered with the university, then I get some financial backing for things like equipment and venue hire; I'll probably need to charge subscriptions beyond that, to cover running costs (things like stands at Fresher's Fair ain't free), but it'll likely be small, like GBP5 a term or GBP10 a year.

I've already contacted a couple of people to place some "if you'd be interested, email me" type messages, and I've done a little shopping for board game pieces (so we can do some 'Limited Game Design' stuff) - already got some D6s, counters and army men, and I've also just placed an order for some polydice, pawns, and rings (thanks, Lounge!). I'll see if anyone else is willing to donate some old board games that I can cannibalise for parts - or even see if I have some old ones at home. I dislike cannibalising board games because it's wasteful, but it may be the only way to get minature firetrucks or little winged pigs and stuff like that.

Also, while the society is a university society, I can also admit non-university people up to one fifth of the total membership. So, given that the current membership is under five, I can't admit anyone yet, but if you're in the Oxford area and you might be interested in fraternising with some students over this, drop me a line and I'll try and remember to get back to you once I can admit some people from "the outside."
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Great Idea! I hope everything goes well overthere! Way to be proactive!

My university is pretty lame in regard to not having hardly anything relating to gamers. We have one game development course that is pretty much a dummy 'test' course to see if people will actually use it, but other then that, nuffin. ;|

When I first got here I wanted to fire up an organization, but, my grades are not where they need to be for me to give up time like that.


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Sounds like a pretty awesome plan to me - best of luck with it [grin]

Although, here at Notts uni the one time (albeit 2-3yrs ago) I checked out their gaming society I ran away. Fast. I don't like to use the terms, but they were stereotypical geeks and nerds - the sort that even I'm scared of spending any time with [oh]

Hope you manage to attract a better bunch [lol]


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Sounds like a cool idea to me [grin]
Shame I don't live closer or I'd be tempted to take part, heh

Only time I was involved with anything like this at uni was when my mates took over running the comp soc. We got alot of members, then as I recall the chairman vanished and the rest couldn't be arsed, so it just became an excuse for wednesday afternoon lunch in a pub and playing pool.

We did try to setup a machine on the network (I did that instead of passing my years there), but even that didn't goto plan;
- the uni network guys got wind of our plan to see webspace and use the uni's network bandwidth [grin]
- after getting IPX working on the linux box it started handling all bootp requests.
- in the summer we had to remove it from the uni, it lived in my house until I went home and a mate who lived locally (and on the comp soc board) took it home... that was the last anyone saw of it, although he made it his router and then used it for spare parts, heh

The comp soc died that year... but it was an amusing and very drunk year [grin]

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