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Some Progress

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STATUS UPDATE: Calix Map Development Tool [ Deadline: 5/3 ]

Today was not much of a productive day at all. I sat and battled with loading a map for quite awhile. Hopefully, I will get that little problem fixed soon.

Implemented Since Last Update:
[Editor Window
----- Thank Goodness! You can now mass fill all the tiles!
----- When you turn off the grid, it's gone for good (atleast until you flip the on switch)! Providing you with a care free exploration of your creation!
----- You can now save your map!

Time for some images.

// Left Image: Initial Start Up with a Hot Context Menu
// Right Image: Fill All of the Tiles!

// Lets put it all together, without that grid!

I will be continuing work on Loading the saved Map!

Once this is finished, the burden of the development will be complete. Finishing the Export, and polishing a few features up will solidify the application for release.

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Recommended Comments

I agree, its looking really nice. Nice to see someone making some progress [smile].

I believe that he's using the theme that comes with Windows XP Media Center Edition, Energy Blue (it looks like the theme that my laptop is using.)

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Thank You Both for the Feedback.

Yeah, the theme is Energy Blue provided by Windows Media Center.

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