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Hmmm... should I or should I not ? That's the question...

It's hard to decide wether yes or no I'll start a dev journal. Why ? Because it's more like a blog than anything else. Who will read it anyway ?

Some years ago I was working on a 3D Engine called "Alternative Realities". I had my own website and posted my progress almost on a daily basis. It was interesting to see that I got almost 500 to 600 hits per day. But I wonder why. I didn't write about interesting things. I lay down my way to handle objects, how to access files, my plug in system, etc. One of the most interesting things I wrote was about volume fog in '99 or somewhere around that year ;) I got quite some feedback on that.

Now, some years later (and much more experienced), I'm working on the xth iteration of my engine (which is much more powerful). In the last year there have been 5 low budget games realised with this engine (3D and 2D). 2 of them have been published either by a professional publisher and by myself (Dude Development). A third one will be released later this month.

I don't know if I'm going to work on games that will be published in the future. I've been working for 8 years as a professional game developer (see my CV at Sun a Moon - My CV) and I kept struggling the last 2 years since the last company I worked for has closed doors. I've tried to establish myself as a low budget game developer but there are just too many people trying to go that way. I'm not the only one who took the conclusion not to continue that way and to look for an alternative (Brian Hook is one of those who took a step back, so I'm in good company).

Currently I'm working for a german company who does speech recognition on PDAs. It's quite interesting and every day holds a new surprise ;)

Now, I'm wondering what I should do with the engine (still called "Alternative Realities") I have created until now. It's quite complete (means I have everything from graphics, input, math, script to sound output. Heck, I even have a decend base lib with a plug in system for new engine components).

I have some games that I would like to implement using my engine (some small games and one huge, major, much work game) but in the same time I wonder if I could push out the engine to the public for them to use it. Some of the documentation has been done but some stuff is still missing.

Feel free to comment my thoughts.
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Don't write for the benefit of others. Write for yourself. Write to keep yourself organized and to document any problems you've got. Write to keep out the cobwebs. Just write.

To quote that crappy early-70's song, "don't worry if it's not good enough for anyone else to hear, just sing. Sing a song."

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I agree. Write for the hell of it. Writing my journal is actually helping to keep me motivated on my project a bit more.

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