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At the recommendation of a commenter on one of my previous entries (thanks, btw, even though I'm too lazy to find out who you were [wink]) I've been watching the video lectures from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.

It's very entertaining, because the poor HP employees are clearly getting a very concentrated dose of brain-rape. Interestingly, being so freshly converted to the True Way of Lisp, I can both completely understand all of the concepts being discussed in the lectures, and understand just how utterly mind-bendingly weird all of this stuff is to a group of people who had (presumably) been doing everything in FORTRAN or whatever.

There's one guy in particular who occasionally gets shown during the lectures, and every time his face shows up, I imagine his brain overheating and his entire head exploding right there in the lecture hall.

Classic entertainment. If you're a total geek.
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