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Laser Beams!

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Thank you all for helping me out yesterday. Since I've been working on this project, I've realized exactly how little I know about programming good memory management. All I'm saying is, you can expect a "Super nOOb code question #2" soon.

Anyways, I'm going to start programming the laser traps. I've decided to scrap the room idea, and just go with my origional idea for this level. I realized that my origional idea was much, much better.
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I wasn't paying attention, and so didn't chime in on your last entry, but it was sufficiently answered anyway. I just wanted to point you to:

I bet you'd learn alot from there. I highly recommend reading through most of it. It has thorough answers to your last question and a bazillion other things you might not have thought about yet.

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I second C++ Faq Lite, its very helpful.

Anyway, thats what we're here for [grin]. We all ask noobish questions every now and then (kind of like Albert Einstein (or maybe it was Thomas Edison) whom periodically forgot how to tie his shoes.)

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I think I agree that the non-room approach will work better. The room approach would've worked alright too, though.

Ooh, here's another idea. On-and-off platforms; like, you stand on them, but sometimes they fade away and you have to jump, then they reappear by the time you land, or something like that. Or, you could have two adjacent platforms that alternated fading in/out, and you'd have to jump between them or something.

You could try some sort of proximity-triggered heat seeking missile as a trap.

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To be entirely honest though the internet sources hardly compare to some of the well written books out there but of course they tend to cost a lot of money (£30+ per book)

I have a quite extensive library if you're interested in any recommendations.

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Thanks for linking to that FAQ, I bookmarked it. Looks like a great reference.

Flickering platforms sound like a good idea. I'm going to go back and work some more with the platform code, so that might be one of my additions.

I probably do need to pick up some more C++ books. I absolutely know the basics, but I think it's time for me to learn more advance topics. I picked up the "C++ cookbook" earlier, and it has been pretty helpful to me.

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