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w00t, finished at last!

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I'm finally finished documenting my code for my terrain engine! Damn, was that ever tedious. It took me a month to do. But now I've reached a point in development that I can have fun with trying out all kinds of rendering techniques. However, I'm kind of tired of developing the terrain engine, so I'm going to put it away for awhile and go do something else.

I think I'm going to play around with shaders next. I just got OpenGL Shading Language (the orange book) and I've been dying to play around with shader programming. I got this book a month ago and it was really hard to document the terrain rendering code while this book was sitting on my desk taunting me: "Come on... you know you want to play around with nice, colorful, candy-like shaders, eh? You don't need to document code. Come have fun, mwa-ha-ha!"

When I feel like developing my terrain engine again, I'm going to create a new renderer. I've got a lot of ideas in improving what I got after getting some ideas by thumbing through OpenGL Shading Language.

Right now, this is what the OpenGL 1.1 renderer can do without using textures or shaders:

This image is taken from the south end of Valhalla Provincial Park, looking south.

I can't wait! Shader programming looks like fun!
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That looks really nice! Keep up the good work and have fun with shader programming (I know I am [grin].)

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That looks really nice! Keep up the good work and have fun with shader programming (I know I am.)

Hell yeah! It sure looks like fun. I have the Stanford Bunny ready to go. This is the mesh I'm using to try out different shader techniques.

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