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Fire Alarms Part II

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The fire alarm went off yet again tonight. The story I heard was that someone on the second floor (in the Architecture Learning Community) hit the sensor with a soccerball. Dur dur we have perfectly good soccer fields outside, I don't know why people insist on playing soccer/frisbee/football IN THE HALLWAYS.

I dread the day that someone hits one of the sprinklers.
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Here we have something called a VSOC (Violation of Standards Of Conduct), which is a recommendation for disciplinary action that would accompany something like that. I've already gotten one, and luckily gotten off with a warning. After the first one, further incidents have to go to either a Dean or the Honor Committee (which is part of the student government) to be judged.

UVa is pretty hardcore about that shit though :|

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Wrap your computer in waterproof plastic and live in your shower shelter.

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