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Can't sleep...

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Well, I'm still working on the script editor. I totally failed on the file comparison =/. I had it almost working, but I keep getting an error saying that a different process is using the file (which nothing should be using it, my FileStreams are all local, I call FileStream.Close() on all of them, and no other program is using it other than notepad++ (which has the file open when I save it the first time around.) So yea, that sucks. So, in what 3 days, all I've gotten done is the already implemented double word selection and group tabbing. Yay, way to go for me sucking =/.

Anyway, I'm switching up (I'm still going to work on the script editor, its just not going to be my main focus) and starting on the Audio system. I found some info on 3D sound using DirectSound, but from a quick skim it all looks like crap. Anybody know any good 3D sound with DirectSound articles?

Dragonfire Games Update

Yea, forget everything I said in my last post. I tried implementing my QuadBatch system and it has some major flaws. Most of the problem extends from the fact that I had the quad dependant code inside of the QuadBatch class (such as the Subdivide method.)

The redesigned system will be the same as the original system (back when I showed my font engine.) There will be several classes:


You fill in the quad's data, add it's vertices to the vertex batch class (which is templated, so it supports either Vertex, TerrainVertex, or any other class that has the required static variables) along with a texture pointer and a graphics pointer. Then you call VertexBatch::Flush() or whatever I end up calling it and poof, you've got output.

As I sit here and think about it, it would probably be a good idea to add a function to vertex batch that allows you to add vertices without using the quad class. Scratch that idea, since it wouldn't allow the user to specify his own type of quad.


No discussion this time.


Summer officially sucks. It brings about the 2 things I hate the most - bugs and poison ivy. I can't take a step outside without catching poison ivy (seriously, I've had it at least once every summer since I turned 8.) And, just now I found out that I've got a pretty nice ant infestation (thats what I get for keeping dishes up in my room.)
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OMFG I hate myself right now. I was just reading some of my latest posts and I realised that I've reverted to my old ways. I had decided that I was going to make a game, but I continued to work on DragonForge Technology (my big project); not only that, but I was programming it in a totally different direction from what I want it to go (I had designed out a system that would allow me to make side scrolling, 2D RPGs and 2D iso RPGs when all I want/need is an engine that will make 2D isometric style RPGs similar to Baldur's Gate.)

So, I'm going to give this one more go. I'm going to redesign the engine, but this time I'm doing the whole thing. I'm going to have a full design document. And I'm not posting another DFG update until the document is done.

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