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So I got home after work last night, and I wasn't much in the mood for programming =/ I was pretty tired, and ended up falling asleep in my chair soon after sitting down.

So, I wake up at 2AM, feeling rather refreshed, and I code the remainter of the dialogue/topic system, finishing at about 4AM, then I go back to sleep until 8AM and get up feeling rather good.

hows THAT for weird productivity =)

either way, another task bites the dust!
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I woke up in the middle of the night with a great idea of how to efficiently render terrain. Or, at least I gather thats what happened - I found a whole load of semi-legible (but quite accurate) notes next to my bed when I woke up the next morning. I know they weren't there when I went to bed [lol]


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I once woke up next to girl I didn't know. I still had my pants on though :(

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LOL! Dang, I can't wait until I reach the milestone of either

a) Waking up in the middle of the Night
b) Wake up To Program in the middle of the Night
c) Wake up Write Notes over Rendering Terraining (or any other topic for that matter)... In the middle of the Night...

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If I get 4 hours of sleep after work one day, and 4 hours of sleep before work the next day, I still feel like I'm going to work on 8 hours. Plus, it allows me the #2 thing I love in life most: enjoying the quiet of late night, sitting next to an open window with the cool night air breeze while writing code. [inlove]

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