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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I found a use for John De Goes book. Sorry if he reads this, but that book was a total waste of money. Not only that, but it was a complete scam. "Lets see, how do we make the book 200-300 pages longer so we can charge $50 for it? Lets pack in the DirectX SDK!"(Yes, it does include other stuff, but OVER half of the book is the DirectX sdk.) The only use I found for it, is the DirectSound section, which looks like a rewrite of the DirectX documents (not an actual rewrite, but it reads like the docs.) So, I looked over the section on DirectSound and I'm going to start coding some demos on 3D sound, hopefully it goes good.

Dragonfire Games Update

I finished a bunch of the mockups today. As you're looking them over, remember that these are just concepts (I used the word mockups, but concepts is more like it.) Its just to give me a rough idea on what I'm going to need and how I am going to lay things out.

I'm going to finish coding the dftGraphics Helpers this week, so next week I'll start on the GUI (yea, I forgot about the helper classes, which the GUI requires.)



Why will people go out of their way to be lazy? While working today, evidentally I was standing in someones way, so instead of walking around, they did their best to squeeze by my cart (with 3 boxes full of cards on it) to look at a card for like 3 seconds and then go the other way anyway. Here's the layout:

Aisle is here
+------+ +------+
| | me | |
| |+----+ | |
| || | | |
| || | | |
| |+----+ | |
| | | |
| |<-card | |
+------+ +------+

And thats pretty accurate, there was about 3 inches of space between my cart and the shelves. It makes absolutely no sense to me =/

Have the words "You won't have to help" changed and I didn't know? When my parents first started buying chickens this year (about 3 months or so ago), I told them that I wanted nothing to do with them. Last time they did this, I spent 3 years taking care of over 20 birds (and I was only 12.) Guess what? I'm feeding them atleast twice a day, getting them water, and "helping" bathe the ducks. I'm fed up with this happening (I've went through the bird thing about 5 times now). I don't mind helping out around the house, but I do not like taking care of animals (you wouldn't either after what I went through taking care of the birds. Who depends on a 12 year old to feed and water animals?)
(Yes, I know, stop complaining and move out, right? Would you move out of an apartment where you lived for free, ate for free, and got to do whatever you wanted? And no, I'm not going to stop complaining. If you don't like it, thats why I put the rant section at the end of the entry.)

Anyway, I have to go change the oil on my Dad's car =/.

Edit: This is going to be my last rant.
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