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No word yet for job. Not much work done either. I wrote up a class for handling resource piles, but I don't care for it. I'm also pondering how to implement paths, specifically wether or not to make explicit objects for every path [~tiles*6] or merely for rivers/roads/teleporters [far less]. In my previous implementation I used explicit paths, which made pathfinding easy, but put a fairly large burden on serialization as well as making map communication awkward.

I'm leaning towards explicit paths, but perhaps modifying them a bit to group similar endpoints [before there was multiple paths between endpoints with different modes of transport]. This combined with a more generic 'movement' descriptor class should make handling movement more natural, while still providing the map genericity I'd like. Still might be far too 'heavy' for practical use. Assuming I get off my lazy ass and get stuff to the point where it's actually practical use...
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