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You can now drop items and pick them back up (but not if your inventory is full).

I can't wait to start getting item entities in there. I'm also considering ammo and item crates, which can be broken open to drop goodies.

Now I'm thinking of adding the code to destroy items with a quantity of 0 (when you use up the Dr. Health Kit and the ammo charger).

Okay, and items are deleted when you use them up. Next up: stacking, I guess.

And item stacking works too.

Jesus, all this shit took me a month to implement in Sunrise.
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Cool. How will you be displaying stacked items? Will a quantity number appear beside the item on the map, or on the pickup notice? Or both?

<musing> Why don't you keep 0-ammo stuff in the game still? Let players be able to throw items they've picked up. Nothing says, "screw you, you ravenous bastard!" like throwing an empty ammo crate at a zombie. [smile]</musing>

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Yes, quantity numbers appear next to the item. Also, I suppose it is possible to repurpose a depleted ammo charger as an improvised weapon, though I doubt anyone will use that because I hand out chargers like candy.

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