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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Ok, I pretty much understand how 3D buffer work now, I just need to learn some 3D math (simple.) So, I'm putting that off until morning (I'm not really in the learning mode right now.) So, instead I'm going to code a little demo and then go to bed. Starting tomorrow though, 90% of my effort is going in to Project2 and this audio system (I want it to turn out really nice; the other 10% will be split between dft stuff, sleeping, eating, and working.) I've got 15 days to finish the audio system, so we'll see how it turns out.

The scripting system that Raymond has set up has got me wowed. Its very easy to understand and very effective and powerful.

Dragonfire Games Update

Nothing to report, I've been learning about 3D buffers. I'll post just before I go to bed, I've got a lot planned for the next 3 or 4 hours.

Edit: Actually I do have an update. Somehow my systems still seem to work after transfering them over. I hadn't tested anything other than the graphics and was wholy expecting the audio system to fall apart, but no, it didn't and it still works perfectly :D.


Other news

In other news I've managed to keep my tarantula alive for almost 5 months now, so I'm psyched about that (she's awesome and hasn't bit me...yet.) Also, my brother and my mom's lizards laid an egg.

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