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STATUS UPDATE: Calix Map Development Tool [ Up To My Expectation ]

The editor is pretty much finished.

Right now, I am getting what I wanted to get out of it which was simplifing my map making experience. I don't know if you've ever tried to write a 64x64 (4096 tile) map out in a text editor, but things can easily get confusing and it will normally be a shot in the dark getting things to line up right.

Not only did I get an editor out of this experience, but I did learn my way around C# pretty nicely so I can claim familiarity with certain aspects of the language.

Right now, I'm going to do an about face and turn my attention to school by finishing up a few projects that I have left. Then its onto Final Week.

After testing the client on my other lower end machines, I definitely wouldn't expect to see it land on your machine for a few reasons.

Biggest reason being that this editor was designed poorly due to just wanting an editor to make maps. This alone put a major burden on the memory usage of the client, a semi-slow map creation time and very poorly designed load feature.

Next For Development
Going back to C++, puting this editor to use, finish piecing together source, and hopefully starting doing more of a MOD to it. More about this later.

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