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No nice formatting this time, just a quick update. I posted last night and passed out about 5 seconds later. I woke up in my computer chair around 8 and went and laid on my bed.

So, I'm playing a little catch up. I'm going to work on the font engine until around 5, then I have to go pick up crickets for Tyrosia (my tarantula) and for Gex (my mom's fattail gecko) and Susan (my brother's fattail gecko. His fiancee named her.). On the way their I'll read up on my 3D math stuff (I already know most of the operations by heart, I just need to understand them now =/) and when I get back I'll start working on the 3D demo. I'll probably start coding the actual engine code come friday (I have to work tomorrow.)

I updated the list, removing the font vertex and quad since they would have been the same exact thing as the regular vertex and quad classes. I'm skipping the terrain stuff for now and I am working on the font engine. There will be two bitmap font versions, one that supports variable width fonts and one that doesn't.

So, you can expect at least one thing, hopefully two. I know I can finish the font engine tonight, since most of the code will stay the same. The 3D audio demo will be a lot harder. We'll see though (I'm going to start doing a lot better on doing stuff that I say I'm going to do.)
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Ok, I lied a little. I didn't implement two different versions, just the variable width version. But, I can always implement the fixed width version later.

Now, I have to hack together a smaller font for the GUI. Fun =/

Edit: Complete awesomeness. I just figured out that my entire resource system is totally fucked up =/. The way I built it creates the resource type I drop in, which doesn't work for hierarchy systems (like my font engine, which has a base Font and then BmpFont and such.) So, after I finish my RPG its back to the drawing board.

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Damn, this sucks =/. My bitmap system is going to have to be redone, since the way it works is that all of the letters are right next to each other (instead of have fixed tiles, and the kerning information), and I can't find any tools that output the images and such like this. I might be able to make a tool that will automatically do it for me though... hmm... /me goes back to the drawing board.

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So, at the moment I brought it down to two choices:
- Create each letter in a separate file, then use a program (similar to the sheet editor) to compile them into a single bitmap and output the letter widths.

- Create the bitmap in a single file, separating it into chunks (the smallest rectangle that will fit every letter) and then make a program that runs through and stores the x and width of every letter (I'm not doing multiple heights, each letter will have a y of 0 and a height of the rectangle.)

I'm thinking the second would be the best.

The good thing is that no matter how I do it, all I will have to modify is my CharDescriptor class and my BmpFont::Create() method (loads the information.) None of my rendering code will have to be changed because CharDescriptor has a function called FillRect() which fills in the source rectangle information.

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