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Ok, I just had to post to test out my the new GDE extension. Vilio modified it so that I can just right click, go to paste and choose Custom Template and the my journal template is copied in for me (so that I don't have to open a file, copy and paste, etc.) Its very nice[attention] Thanks again Vilio[smile].

Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

Ok, I've got the gist of the audio system and I already had a pretty good handling of the 3D math. So, I'm going to take tomorrow and Friday to code up some demos on using 3D audio in 2D isometric environment.

Dragonfire Games Update

I've decided to go with a tile like system where each letter is centered in a tile and then my program will chop off the excess and store the x-offset and width of the letter in a file. This will remove my hacked together system, leaving a neat and tidy system.

I'm thinking about giving the GUI system a third settings (there is the regular mode - 3x3 grid, and the stretch mode - 1 quad) and now I'm thinking about a no texture system. I'm not sure that I like this idea though, as it would require a huge modification of the system.Feature bloat halted. 3x3 grid system will be fine. I'm even going to remove the stretch mode.


Other news

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