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Yes, I'm still alive...

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You might have noticed a slight lack of activity of late... there is a good reason for this, but I shant go into it [smile] (I will say, being drunk for four days in a row is amusing however *chuckles*)

The practical upshot of it all however was 2 weeks ago I nearly bailed as a mod for this site and 3 assignments barely got done for college (I know one is a "refered" already), but on the upside I'm feeling back with it so the resign hasn't happened and now I'll be focusing on recovering my year.

It's not all doom and gloom however, as I got the results back for an assignment as well and it was, surprisingly to me, a first (I was expecting a 2.1 at best), which made me happy even when the same lecture pointed out my other work was a complete contrast.

So, just over 3 weeks of my year left, 3 assignments todo in that time. One is a cake walk as its another programming one, the other two are a bit iffy, although we've been practically told how to complete one of them.

The final one is a presentation on a subject of my choice, which I could use to go into my final year as my project. The problem is, I'm not sure what todo it on.. which is a slight problem.
The thoughts which spring to mind are;
- investigation on different multi-threading solutions for game engines; this has a reasonable amount of scope as I can cover various designs and methods of doing it. The game engine only needs to be functional enuff to demo them in action.
- creating a simple scripting language; this one intrests me and I can probably find plenty of stuff to investigate (compiler theory++)
- Adaptive parsing system; basically, what I wanted to do for the company I used to work for. A parser which, when it encouters a game data return it can't deal with, attempts to work out it on its own. Some application of AI and ANN could be used in this.

I'll have to run them passed my lecturer, see what he has to say about them. The problem I think I'm gonna have is the 'too much scope' and 'it looks like research for the sake of research' arguements working against them, which I get the impression the college don't like you todo [sad]

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to share [grin]

So, with 4 weeks left I need a plan for the summer, well other than reworking assignments so I can pass the year [wink].
I've given some consideration of trying todo something for the google summer of code, the problem is I'm not sure what I can go for, the only one which has caught my attension so far is adding OpenAL support to an existing engine.

I'm also going to tap the guys I used to work for, see if they can throw me a longish project my way (for ++GBPGBPGBPGBP). They contacted me a while back with some ideas, but I don't know whats going on there. Need to contact them re:payment for some old work anyways

I've also got a plan to write a shell replacement. I looked into some a while back but they all suffer from one fatal problem as far as I'm concerned; they are all 32bit and aren't adapted for 64bit. Now, I could just rework them I admit, but where is the fun in that? [grin] So, maybe I'll do that over the summer as well.

Project wise, everything I've got going on is pretty much on hold right now, although I do intend to try and get a release of the GTL out soon (weekend?) as someone fixed a bug in it for me and I've been meaning to release it since around feb time, however "stuff" has been stopping me.

Anyways, so I'm not dead and normalish service should be resumed now in the OpenGL forum;
A public thanks to Dave The Might Rhino for watching it during my down time.
To the guys who enquired if I was ok after my shocking announcement about quiting a few weeks back
And a special mention to Richard for the offer of a floor to crash on if I needed it, much appricated man [smile]
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Ohh I haven't read your entry yet, but the people at OGRE(free 3d engine) have taken my word, and said they would seriously consider GTL over devil if it had mac and linux support(mainly because it supports all they need on a good license =), and it's a good library) [grin]

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