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Moving right along...

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I was able to figure out the isometric WASD movement finally, but it involved quite a bit of seemingly simplistic code and the results werent exactly stellar. Pressing two keys at once makes my character do a jiggly dance in some random direction and releasing the keys leaves the sprite paused midstep. And the reaction is slow. But its functional.

I decided though, that if I really want to continue on, I need to make sure this is optimized. Ive sent out a help request at the GLBasic forums. Ill probably find out that my 40 lines of coding could be condensed into 1 simple function. :P
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I recently created an isometric map system for the P(lay)S(tation)P (ortable) in Lua, which I promptly ported to C. I seemed to have no problem with WASD (rather.. d-pad) movement.

You can see a writeup of the system and download the source files at http://rss.siqq.org.

Let me know if I can assist you more.

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Even a little bit of progress is better than no progress, I say. Even if you make just a bunch of baby steps, it'll eventually add up to a full and complete game. [smile]

That said, when do you think we'll be able to feast our eyes on some screenshots? I've always been a fan of your artistic talent since the oGD days.

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Woot! I got a respose from the GLBasic crew and they were able to code up a whammy of a WASD movement system. It works great, so I shouldnt need anymore help with the movement, thanks though. :D

As for screenshots, theres really not much to see right now. So far, all I have is a grass field with a naked isometric human running around. Once I finish the pre-alpha checklist though, I will be creating a map for the alpha. That will have lots more content, with trees, rocks, plants, sand, sea, maybe some cliffs. Stuff worthy of a screenie. :P

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