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Movie time

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Ethereal Darkness Interactive Update

I've decided that I'm just going to use tonight and tomorrow to screw around with 3D sound, and start the actual coding friday afternoon (we're working friday instead of tomorrow.)

Dragonfire Games Update

Ok, I've almost got everything setup so I can start messing with the 3D audio tomorrow. I just got done coding a test widget class, and it sucks, but it works. The one thing I can't figure out is how to tile part of a texture (I don't think that it is possible.) If not, oh well, the system still is very nice (if you design your skin right.) I whipped this one up in a few minutes - Movie.

I'm not redoing the font engine at the moment, since it works fine and isn't too big (and I'd much rather spend the time working on the audio system.)

This widget won't be in the GUI module, its just going to be hacked in (I'm actually coding the thing now, and instead of using the 3x3 grid for it, I'm just going to use stretched since its temporary.)

But, the movie is a good example of what will be able to be done with the GUI system once I finish it. The button widget is split into 16x16 chunks, the corners are always 16x16, the top and bottom are Xx16 and the left and right are 16xX. The chunks can be any size (I had 8x8 earlier, but I wanted to do something that looked better) and I plan on allowing the bottom to be a different height than the top, so the top/bottom can have something special and then the other one can be like smaller.

Once I actually start working on it I'll post a features list.

GOD DAMN IT!!! I keep posting about/working on version 2 of the engine, which will be much more customizeable. The first version will use static sized/position widgets. So, -10 for Donny [bawling]


Other news

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Recommended Comments

zomg, your about to pass me on journal reads! nOOOOZ! ;)

Keep up the great work man. Stay motivated!

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I passed you [razz][wink]

lol, about 5000 are probably me (I didn't realize that you looking at your journal raises the views. Atleast, I think it does).

Thanks for the motivating words! I just got some uplifting, as I have found an answer to my prayers:

Thats right, I added scaling to the font engine[attention] I had tried it earlier, but my visible update was messing it up (the quad was getting smaller, but only part of the texture was being applied.) I found the bug and zapped it, resulting in the above. So, as long as HGE doesn't mind me using their font, I'm sticking with it (I'll email later.)

Oh yea, and go read ildave's journal people, its good [smile].

Edit: Yea, definitely switching font systems in the next version. The scaling is nice, but scaling it up makes it look kind of bad, so I decided to try some filtering. Everything looks awesome then, except part of the letter next to the t (second to last character in each string) is use in the equation, so I get artifacts, which wouldn't happen in the system I have planned.

Edit 2: Its not the 't', its the period taking in part of the dash (which is right next to it on the texture.)

Edit 3: Ok, I can fix it by slicing off the end of the dash, but since I don't plan on scaling up (and since their are a TON of other less noticeable artifacts when I use filtering), I'm just not going to change it. It works, so moving on!

Edit 4: Ok, I've decided that I'm sticking with the 3x3 grid system, since its more flexible than a static system and looks hella better than stretched. Also, min filter doesn't have any artifacts, so I can set that to linear and it looks tons better at .75 scaling (it looked attrocious before.)

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Ok, I just can't do it. I've been wanting to work on the GUI for so long I'm not going to skimp on it. I'm sticking with the 3x3 grid, the bottom and top will be able to be different sizes, and all borders can be 0 (for fill style docking.) Fill style docking is the only docking that will be available (so no window snapping.) Its 5am and I am going to bed now. See ya tomorrow.

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waffle: pause or hold back in uncertainty or unwillingness

time to solidify on what the heck DFG is gonna be doing eh?

solid plan -> solid execution [grin]

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