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Space combat prototype - phase 7

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Yesterday, i implemented turrets A.I.

The real problem was to make each turret "anticipate" the move of its target. Firing at motionless targets is one thing, but if the battleship real has to be frightening, it has to be able to target at moving targets easily. I spent quite a lot of time, along with a friend at work, to come up with the maths of it. I'll probably write an article ( or even a post-mortem ) about all these techniques once the prototype is released.

Turrets also use an heuristic to decide which entity to target. Since i still don't have the notion of "teams", a battleship will target any entity other than itself. The heuristic is based on a "danger" factor for that battleship, based on the strength of the ennemy ship, its weapons, its damage status ( a ship that has damaged thrusters and no weapon anymore, becomes a secondary target ), and of course its distance to the battleship ( closer entities are prefered than far away ones ).

In my small Lancet against the battleship and its 22 turrets, i don't stand a chance for a long time.

It's pretty funny to spawn a second battleship near the first one. They target each other and fire with their MKIV turrets. Each battleship is around 10,000 HPs. Each MKIV is doing around 500 HP damage per blast. Each turret fires two blasts at a time. There are 8 MVIV per battleship. I'll let you do the calculation, and just say that the fight is finished in a matter of seconds... but of course, since explosions are not added yet, the two battleships just continue forever, even at 0 HP.

I'm now working in network interpolation for positions/rotations. I've hit a few problems, but they should be solved by tomorrow.

Shawn sent an update for the station interior. It's pretty much finished now, except for the central tube, the details, and some specular maps. Shaders are still in the works, because the interior should not ( unlike the exterior ) be sun-lit. You can see all the screenies here:


with XX in the 10 to 23 range. Here's a selection of my favorites:

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Superb. I couldn't make out the other shot you posted, I thought it was some kind of prototype HUD. Now I can see it's station interior and it looks fantastic.

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